Project Baa Baa 2020

Project Baa Baa is celebrating the cultural, economic and environmental contribution of sheep farming and associated traditions in Ireland and across Europe. Project Baa Baa, which includes the hosting of an EU Congress, will comprise a Conference, Exhibitions, Workshops and Street fair featuring Irish and European produce over the four-day period of 28– 31 May 2020. Co-produced by Galway 2020, the unique Project Baa Baa will bring Ireland’s agricultural heritage into focus by inviting other communities across Europe who have a similar relationship with sheep to take part in the Congress in Galway and surrounding counties. Starting in early May 2020, Project Baa Baa and its many partners will present public Exhibitions and Events, incorporating associated sheep traditions including a Primary Schools Sheep project exhibition.

 Themes: Sheep, Sheep Farming, Agritourism, Research, Eco Innovation, Meat, Milk, Wool and Craft


For more information visit: Project Baa Baa