All sheep must be penned in at 12.30 pm for judging at 1.00 pm (Rule 5 of the show rules apply) Prize money €45 or Prizes in Kind. Entry Fee €7 Prize money paid out after 4.00 pm when exhibits can then be removed.

N.B. All sheep must be individually identified with ear tags issued in accordance with the NSIS. All sheep being moved must be accompanied by the completed dispatch document. The movement of sheep to and from Ag shows within the state must be recorded on an AIM. All movements must be recorded on your flock register. All groups of sheep must be by the same breeder.

Each group of 4 must include Hogget, Ewe Hogget, Ewe Lamb, and Ram lamb.

NB    All entries must be in no later than 11th May to secure Pins

Suffolk Sheep

Class 99 Ram Lamb

Class 100 Ewe Lamb

Class 101 Shearling Ewe or Older

Class 102 Shearling Ram or older

Best group of 4 Suffolk Sheep for Pat Callanan Perpetual Challenge Cup Class 106  

Texel Sheep

Class 103 Ram Lamb

Class 104 Ewe Lamb

Class 105 Shearling Ewe or Older

Class 106 Shearling Ram or Older

Best group of 4 Texel Sheep for Thomas & Bridget Conroy Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, Sponsored by The Conroy Family Dublin

Charollais Sheep

Class 107 Ram Lamb

Class 108 Ewe Lamb

Class 109 Shearling Ewe or Older

Class 110 Shearling Ram or older

Best group of 4 Charollais Sheep, For the Barbara Browne Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, Sponsored by her grandchildren in Dublin.

Class 111    Duplicate class error cancelled

Class 112    Duplicate class error cancelled

Galway Sheep

Class 113 Galway Ram Lamb for James Browne Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup,  Sponsored by Festus Conroy [RIP] Athenry

Class 114 Duplicate class error cancelled

Class 115 Ewe Lamb

Class 116 Shearling Ewe or Older

Class 117 Shearling Ram or older

Best group of 4 Galway Sheep for The Martin & Lena Conroy Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, sponsored by Ann Conroy Moyvilla

Vendeer Sheep

Class 118 Ram Lamb

Class 119 Ewe Lamb

Class 120 Shearling Ewe or Older

Class 121 Shearling Ram or older

Belclare Sheep National Championship Sponsorship to be confirmed.

Class 122 Ram Lamb

Class 123 Ewe Lamb

Class 124 Hogget Ewe

Class 125 Senior Ewe

Class 126 Hogget Ram,

Class 127 Senior Ram

Beltex Sheep

Class 128 Ram Lamb

Class 129 Ewe Lamb

Class 130 Shearling Ewe or Older

Class 131 Shearling Ram or older

Zwarble Sheep

Class 132 Ram Lamb

Class 133 Ewe Lamb

Class 134 Shearling Ewe or Older

Class 135 Shearling Ram or older

Cross Breed

Class 136 Speckled Face Ewe 2 years or older

Class 137 Speckled Face Ewe Lamb

Class 138 Speckled Face Shearling Ewe.

Best group of 3 Speckled face Sheep for Paddy Healy Memorial Cup, Sponsored by the Healy Family Greethill Athenry

Best Pedigree Sheep any other Breed

Commercial Sheep

Class 139 Ewe Lamb.

Class 140 Shearling Ewe

Class 141 Aged Ewe 2 years or older.

Class 142 Store Lamb.

Class 143 Butchers Lamb (Ram lamb not eligible)

Class  144 Factory Lamb

Champion overall sheep of the show For the Athenry Chemists Perpetual Challenge Cup

Champion Female Sheep of the show for The Arthur Ennis Plaque

Champion Male sheep of the show for The Willie & Bridie Doherty Memorial  Challenge Cup sponsored by their son Michael, Caheroyan Drive, Athenry.


N.B. Calf Judging will begin at 1 pm SHARP.

Notice: The Department of Agricultural stipulates that all animals must comply with Department of Agricultural rules in force at the time of the show ID Cards must be produced on request. Exhibitors must apply for the DVO for Destination Details Movement form for showing animals in 2022 or online via ISCS website. Entry Fee €5 Prizes 1st €30, €2nd €25, 3rd €20, All Breeds.

Class 145 Best Heifer calf born in 2022

Class 146 Best Bull calf born in 2022

Class 147 Best pair of calves owned by the same breeder born in 2022

Class 148 Young Stock Handler over 10 yrs., and under 16 years on 1st January 2022 Prize €30