Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Prizes money in classes 154 & 155 inclusive 1st €20, 2nd €15, 3rd €10 Entry Fee €7.

Class 142 Hanging basket of flowers

Class 143 Window box with full display

Prize money in classes 144-152 inclusive 1st €15 2nd €12, 3rd €10. Entry Fee €5

Class 144  A small arrangement in a disposable container

Class 145 Wild flower arrangement depicting the countryside.

Class 146 Bunch of cut flowers, arrangements to be taken into account

Class 147 Five different outdoor garden flowers

Class 148 Six spikes of sweet pea

Class 149 Any pot plant – flowering

Class 150 Any pot plant – foliage

Class 151 Begonia in Pot

Class 152 Floral arrangement of your choice – Peggy Hanley Perpetual Challenge Cup

All entries to be posted to Claire Rooney, Secretary, Athenry Agricultural Show, Blaine, Esker, Athenry. Phone 086 0848372