Art and Photography


(Rule 5 of the Show rules apply) Judging commences at 1.00pm.

Water colours, pastels, oils, acrylic, crayon, pencil etc. Judging will be based on artistic merit and originality. Exhibits must be presented for display between 10am- 12-30pm. All framed pictures must be presented ready to hang. Judging will commence at 1pm. Entry Fee €5 in all classes except Qualifier

PRIZE MONEY: 1st €40, 2nd €25, 3rd €15, unless otherwise arranged

Class 225 Life drawing.

Class 226 Still Life.

Class 227 Landscape

Class 228 Qualifier

The Irish Shows Association & Virginia Show Society Present: The Fleetwood Paints All Ireland Amateur Painting Competition kindly sponsored by Fleetwood Ireland’s Paints Company

Rules & Conditions

  1. Paintings must be sole work of the exhibitor who must have amateur status.
  2. Paintings to depict an Agricultural or Rural setting.
  3. Paintings must measure no more than 26” x 20” not including the frame.
  4. All paintings must be ready to hang, that is framed and with a hanging cord attached.
  5. The Judges decision will be final
  6. All entries to be exhibited at owners risk
  7. All entries to have amateur status as defined by the following:
    1. Not to have had a commercial solo exhibition
    2. Not to have exhibited in a commercial gallery
    3. Not to be teaching or have taught art in any form
  8. These rules should be read in conjunction with the Irish Shows Association To avoid any confusion would exhibitors please print their name and phone number on a label to attach to back of painting

Rules. Entry fee: To qualifying Show €3 To Final €6 Prizes: 1st €300 2nd

€200, 3rd €100, 4th €50.

Final: Virginia Show – Wednesday 22rd August 2018

Classes 229 & 230 Sponsored by Raheen Woods. Judging commences at 1.00pm. Competition confined to 1st year & 2nd year students from 2nd level colleges Athenry

Entry Fee €5, Prizes  1st €50, 2nd €40 3rd €30 and 4th €15.

Art piece must be presented on A3 Cartridge paper.

Class 229 Rural Landscape

Class 230 Portrait Human/Animal


(Rule 5 of the Show rules apply) Judging commences at 1.00pm.

Prize money: 1st €15, 2nd €12, 3rd €10 unless otherwise arranged. Entry fee €3

Child 5-7 years

Class 231 A picture titled “A Pokemen in the Garden”

Class 232 A picture titled “My Pet”

Class 233 My Favourite Sport

Child 8-10 years

Class 234 Draw/paint “My Favourite Place”

Class 235 Draw/paint picture titled “Emergency”

Class 236 Best Day Ever

(10-12 years)

Class 237 “Draw or paint an underwater scene”

Class 238 My Garden Sponsored by Sandra O’Keeffe & David Power Class 239 “Draw a Still Image”

Class 240 A miniature garden done on a biscuit tin lid

Class 241 Best Poster made off a computer.

Class 242 All creatures great and small” – an animal made from mainly fruit and or vegetables.

Teenagers 13-16 years

Class 243 Art representing “Best and Worst” (under 16)

Class 244 An Event to Remember


(Rule 5 of the Show rules apply) Judging commences at 1.00pm.

Photographs must not be larger than 10” x 8” and must NOT be framed or mounted. Photographs entered in previous years will automatically be disqualified and will not be judged. See Rule 5 of Show

PRIZE MONEY: 1st €20, 2nd €15, 3rd €10 unless otherwise arranged Entry Fee €5 in all classes.

Class 245 Scenic Views. Sponsored by Sandra O’Keeffe & David Power

Class 246 Humorous

Class 247 Rural scene.

Class 248 Best photo depicting exhibitors vegetable garden

Class 249 Animal study.

Class 250 Scene of Athenry

Class 251 People

All entries with appropriate entry fee can be posted to Claire Rooney,  Secretary,  Athenry Agricultural Show,  Blaine, Esker,  Athenry.  Phone 086 0848372