Home Baking And Jams


(Rule 5 of the Show rules apply) Exhibits to be presented between 10am-12 noon in the produce hall.   Judging commences at 1:00pm

Prize money: 1st €15, 2nd €12, 3rd €10 unless otherwise arranged, entry fee €5

Class 171 Qualifier

The Irish Shows Association & Bonniconlon Show Society Present

“The All Ireland Domestic Arts Championship” Sponsored by: Bonniconlon Show Ltd

Rules and Conditions

  1. Each exhibit to consist of Three items from the list below
    • Handmade picture any medium max 60cms x 45cms(excludingFrame)
    • Flower arrangement for a dining room table (space allowed 12” x 12″)
    • six potatoes Any Variety
    • Decorated Victoria Sponge [20cm/8 inches] filling & Decoration must be Non Perishable]
  2. The picture must be handmade, Machine Work will not suffice
  3. All vegetables must be grown by the exhibitor
  4. Exhibitors may qualify once only.
  5. Two exhibitors to qualify from each qualifying
  6. This competition will be judged on a points system
  7. Points will be awarded for presentation

Exhibits to be in place before 11.30 on day of Final  Entry fee: To Qualifying Show €3 To Final €6 Prize Fund: 1st €250; 2nd €200; 3rd €130; 4th €65; 5th to 25th €30 each.

Final: Bonniconlon Show – Monday 6th August 2018

Class 172 Home-made wholemeal cake.

Class 173 Home-made soda cake.

Class 174 Six home-made brown scones.

Class 175 Six home-made plain scones.

Class 176 Six home-made queen cakes.

Class 177 Six Muffins any flavour.

Class 178 Home-made Madeira cake.

Class 179 Home-made Treacle bread with fruit.

Class 180 Tea Brack.

Class 181 Porter cake

Class 182 Vegetable cake, Carrot cake etc. (non perishable icing).

Class 183 Chocolate Cake

Class 184 4 Biscuits.

Class 185 4 decorated Cupcakes (non perishable icing).

Class 186 Decorated Occasion cake (non perishable icing).

Class 187 Cake based on fruit, e.g. Pear, Plum, Apple.

Class 188 Any sugar craft item.

Prize money in Classes 189- 191 Incl – 1st €20, 2nd €15, 3rd €10. Entry Fee: €7.

Class 189 Home-made Rich Fruit cake Sponsored by Eamon & Catherine Neary, The Shopping Basket, Church Street Athenry.

Class 190 Christmas Plum Pudding (2lb size).

Class 191 Traditional baked Polish cheesecake


(Rule 5 of the Show rules apply) Entrants must accompany their exhibits at the show. Prize money 1st €15, 2nd €12, 3rd €10 unless otherwise arranged. Entry fee €3. Judging commences at 1.00pm.

Class 217 Six decorated queen cakes. (Child 5-10 years old)

Class 218 Six decorated rice krispies buns(child 5-10 years old)

Class 219 Decorated sponge flan (base must be homemade)

Class 220 4 Muffins

Class 221 4 Flapjacks (something healthy/oats, berries etc)

Class 222 Qualifier

The Irish Shows Association & Moate Show Society presents: The Easterlicious Cook of the Year 2018

Sponsored by J & M Digan Ltd, Spar Express, Athlone Road, Moate. Rules & Conditions:

  1. Each exhibitor will bake/make 3
    • Decorated Orange Victoria Sandwich [Butter icing]
    • Marble Cake (2 lb loaf tin size)
    • 6 Cup Cakes(decorated)
  2. The items to be displayed as one exhibit on a base of 2ft x 2ft
  3. Points will be awarded for texture, taste and presentation suitable for Afternoon Tea.
  4. Competition is open to amateurs male or female and one tray to qualify per exhibitor
  5. All items to be home made by the exhibitor
  6. A special qualifying class will be held at selected shows. Two trays may qualify for the Final if the Judges agree the standard is high enough
  7. Judge’s decision will be final at all stages of the competition
  8. Exhibits are displayed at owner’s risk
  9. These rules should be read in conjunction with the Irish Shows Association Rules.

Entry Fee: To qualifying show €3, to final €6.

Prizes: 1st €300, 2nd €200, 3rd €100, 4th €60, 5th €50, 6th €40. Each of the successful qualifiers will receive a memento on appearance at the Final.

Final: Moate Show 26th August, 2018.


(Rule 5 of the Show rules apply) Judging commences at 1.00pm.

Prize money: 1st €15, 2nd €12, 3rd E10 unless otherwise arranged. Entry fee €5 except Qualifier.

Class 192 Pot of homemade strawberry jam

Class 193 Pot of homemade blackcurrant jam

Class 194 Pot of homemade raspberry jam

Class 195 Pot of homemade marmalade

Class 196 Pot Rhubarb & Ginger Jam Sponsored by Mary O’Keeffe, Athenry Show.

All entries to be posted to Claire Rooney, Secretary, Athenry Agricultural Show, Blaine, Esker, Athenry. Phone 086 0848372